You can find on this page the Brooklyn airports map to print and to download in PDF. The Brooklyn airport map presents terminals and gates of the international airport of Brooklyn in New York - USA.

Brooklyn airports map

Map of Brooklyn airports

The Brooklyn airports map shows all the airports around Brooklyn. This airports map of Brooklyn will allow you to determine which airport you will used to leave Brooklyn in New York - USA. The Brooklyn airports map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

New York John F. Kennedy International Airport is located approximately 1.8 miles / 3.0 kilometers southwest of Springfield Gardens and about 2.7 miles / 4.3 kilometers northwest of Far Rockaway. IATA airport code is JFK as its shown in Brooklyn airports map. Distance from New York LaGuardia Airport to Brooklyn is 9.7 miles / 15.6 kilometers. New York LaGuardia Airport is located approximately 1.6 miles / 2.5 kilometers southwest of College Point and about 1.6 miles / 2.6 kilometers northeast of Jackson Heights. IATA airport code is LGA.

Distance from New York Newark Liberty International Airport to Brooklyn is 11.9 miles / 19.1 kilometers. New York Newark Liberty International Airport is located approximately 3.0 miles / 4.8 kilometers northeast of Elizabeth and about 3.0 miles / 4.8 kilometers south of Newark as you can see in Brooklyn airports map. IATA airport code is EWR. Distance from Westchester County Airport to Brooklyn is 31.5 miles / 50.7 kilometers. Westchester County Airport is located approximately 3.7 miles / 5.9 kilometers northeast of White Plains and about 5.0 miles / 8.1 kilometers northwest of Port Chester. IATA airport code is HPN.

Getting to and from the three major New York area airports can be expensive and time-consuming. In general, the most expensive Brooklyn-to-airport trip is to Newark, followed by JFK, and then LaGuardia. JFK is the easiest to access via public transportation as its mentioned in Brooklyn airports map. But none of the area airports is served by a direct rail connection to Brooklyn, as you might find in some European cities.