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The Brooklyn map shows the detailed map and a large map of Brooklyn. This map of Brooklyn will allow you to orient yourself in Brooklyn in New York - USA. The Brooklyn map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Brooklyn was an independent city until it was annexed by New York City in 1898 as its shown in Brooklyn map. It continues to maintain a distinct culture. Brooklyn official motto is Eendraght Maeckt Maght. Written in the (early modern spelling of the) Dutch language, it is inspired by the motto of the United Dutch Provinces and translated "Unity makes strength". The motto is displayed on the borough seal and flag, which also feature a young robed woman bearing fasces, a traditional emblem of republicanism. Brooklyn official colors are blue and gold. Construction and services are the fastest growing sectors. Most employers in Brooklyn are small businesses. In 2000, 91% of the approximately 38,704 business establishments in Brooklyn had fewer than 20 employees. As of August 2008, the borough unemployment rate was 5.9%.

The Democratic Party holds the majority of public offices. As of 2005, 69.7% of registered voters in Brooklyn were Democrats. Party platforms center on affordable housing, education and economic development. The most controversial political issue is the proposed Atlantic Yards, a large housing and sports arena project. Pockets of Republican influence exist in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. Each of the city five counties (coterminous with each borough) has its own criminal court system and District Attorney, the chief public prosecutor who is directly elected by popular vote. Charles J. Hynes, a Democrat, has been the District Attorney of Kings County since 1989. Brooklyn has 16 City Council members, the largest number of any of the five boroughs. Brooklyn has 18 of the city 59 community districts as you can see in Brooklyn map, each served by an unpaid Community Board with advisory powers under the city Uniform Land Use Review Procedure. Each board has a paid district manager who acts as an interlocutor with city agencies.

Brooklyn job market is driven by three main factors: the performance of the national and city economy, population flows and the borough position as a convenient back office for New York businesses. Forty-four percent of Brooklyn employed population, or 410,000 people, work in the borough; more than half of the borough residents work outside its boundaries as its mentioned in Brooklyn map. As a result, economic conditions in Manhattan are important to the borough jobseekers. Strong international immigration to Brooklyn generates jobs in services, retailing and construction. In recent years, Brooklyn has benefited from a steady influx of financial back-office operations from Manhattan, the rapid growth of a high-tech and entertainment economy in DUMBO, and strong growth in support services such as accounting, personal supply agencies, and computer services firms.

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The map of downtown Brooklyn shows the historical center of Brooklyn. This downtown map of Brooklyn will allow you to easily plan your visit in the center of Brooklyn in New York - USA. The Brooklyn downtown map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Downtown Brooklyn is the third largest central business district in New York City, USA (following Midtown Manhattan and Lower Manhattan), and is located in the northwestern section of the borough of Brooklyn as its shown in Brooklyn downtown map. The neighborhood is known for its office and residential buildings, such as the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower and the MetroTech Center office complex, that give the area its own unique skyline. Since the rezoning of Downtown Brooklyn in 2004, the area is undergoing a transformation, with $9 billion of private investment and $300 million in public improvements underway. This area was originally inhabited by Lenape Native Americans, until the 17th century. At that time the Dutch arrived, gained control of the land, and called it Breuckelen. Until 1814, Downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights remained sparsely populated. Robert Fulton new steam ferry then began to offer an easy commuting option to and from downtown Manhattan.

Downtown Brooklyn is the civic and commercial downtown center of the former City of Brooklyn, now a borough of 2.5 million people as you can see in Brooklyn downtown map. The area includes MetroTech Center, Brooklyn Borough Hall, the Kings County New York State courthouse, and the central courthouse for the Federal Eastern District of New York. Schools include Brooklyn Friends School, St. Francis College, St. Joseph College, Brooklyn Law School, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, New York City College of Technology, and Long Island University. Attractions within the area include the Fulton Mall, Brooklyn Academy of Music and the New York Transit Museum. Three days a week the Borough Hall Greenmarket, featuring fresh produce from local farmers, operates on the plaza fronting Borough Hall. Formerly called Supreme Court Plaza, the location was renamed as Columbus Park in 1986, sycamore trees having grown large enough to shield the middle 20th century Supreme Court building.

Downtown Brooklyn is connected with Manhattan by the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. The neighborhood has extensive public transportation accessibility; it is served by the New York City Subway and many bus lines as its mentioned in Brooklyn downtown map. All but one Manhattan trunk line in Lower Manhattan has a direct connection to Downtown Brooklyn. From south to north, the IRT Lexington Avenue Line (4 5 trains) via the Joralemon Street Tunnel, the BMT Broadway and BMT Nassau Street Lines (N R trains) via the Montague Street Tunnel, the IRT Broadway – Seventh Avenue Line (2 3 trains) via the Clark Street Tunnel and the IND Eighth Avenue Line (A C trains) via the Cranberry Street Tunnel provide that service. Slightly farther north, the Manhattan Bridge (B D N Q trains) and Rutgers Street Tunnel (F train) also feed subway trains from the Lower East Side into Downtown Brooklyn.

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Map of Brooklyn New York - USA

Brooklyn on New York - USA map shows the location of the city of Brooklyn on the New York - USA map. This map of Brooklyn in New York - USA will allow you to easily plan your travel in Brooklyn in New York - USA. Brooklyn on map of New York - USA is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Brooklyn is the most populous of New York City five boroughs, with approximately 2.5 million residents, and the second-largest in area. Since 1896, Brooklyn has had the same boundaries as Kings County, which is now the most populous county in New York State and the second-most densely populated county in the USA, after New York County (Manhattan). It is also the westernmost county on Long Island. The Queen Mary 2 as you can see in Brooklyn New York - USA map, as designed specifically to fit under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the United States.

Brooklyn Technical High School (commonly called Brooklyn Tech), a New York City public high school, is the largest specialized high school for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the United States. The Polytechnic Institute of NYU (NYU-Poly), formerly Polytechnic University as its mentioned in Brooklyn New York - USA map, the USA second oldest private institute of technology, founded in 1854, has its main campus in Downtown MetroTech Center, a commercial, civic and educational redevelopment project of which it was a key sponsor. SUNY Downstate Medical Center, originally founded as the Long Island College Hospital in 1860, is the oldest hospital-based medical school in the United States.

Brooklyn has played a major role in various aspects of American culture including literature, cinema and theater. It has the world-renowned Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Philharmonic and the second largest public art collection in the United States, housed in the Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn has a thriving ethnic press. El Diario La Prensa, the largest and oldest Spanish-language daily newspaper in the United States, maintains its corporate headquarters at 1 MetroTech Center in downtown Brooklyn as you can see in Brooklyn New York - USA map. Green-Wood Cemetery, founded by the social reformer Henry Evelyn Pierrepont in 1838, is both one of the most significant cemeteries in the United States and an expansive green space encompassing 478 acres (190 ha) of rolling hills and dales, several ponds, and a baroque chapel.

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Brooklyn on world map shows the location of the city of Brooklyn in the world. Brooklyn on world map will allow you to easily know where is Brooklyn in the world. The Brooklyn in world map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Most notably when talking about Brooklyn Jay-Z name is usually mentioned. As a matter of fact, Jay – z in certain quarters is largely credited for having introduced Brooklyn to the world. Brooklyn has over the years played such a vital role in the cinema world as its mentioned in Brooklyn on world map. The real estate market in Manhattan is by far the most sought after in the world. The same can not be said for Brooklyn in as much as the region has witnessed significant changes and developments in recent years.

The Brooklyn Children Museum, the world first museum dedicated to children, opened in December 1899. The Queen Mary 2 as its shown in Brooklyn on world map, the world largest ocean liner, it makes regular ports of call at the Red Hook terminal on her transatlantic runs from Southampton, England. Brooklyn bridge is the world first steel-wire suspension bridge, as well as the first fixed crossing across the East River. It was the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time of its opening, with a main span of 486.3 m (1,595.5 feet) and a deck 38.7 m (127 feet) above mean high water.

Brooklyn was once the “Coffee Capital.” By 1906, about 25 million pounds of coffee a month was roasted at the Arbuckle Brothers coffee factory on John Street. In fact, that is likely more coffee than was roasted at any other building in the world at the time. Coney Island Wonder Wheel is known as the most romantic ride in the world. Discovered in 1609 by Dutch explorer Henry Hudson, Coney Island eventually became an amusement resort at the beach as you can see in Brooklyn on world map. During the 1870s and 1880s, several luxury hotels were built there and a railroad was extended to the resort. Coney Island became famous for having several of the best-known amusement parks in the world.